Welcome To Critically and Authentically Teaching Aboriginal Content.

Who did this?

We are 5 post-internship Elementary Educators: Justin Freitag, Sheldon Hand, Kirstin Wiebe, Olivia Holman and Justin Matheson. None of us are experts in this area and that is one of the main reasons that we decided to collaborate and create this wiki. We wanted to create something that is easy to use, navigate and change with the times so that we as teachers and other professionals can come here and receive the information needed to contribute authentically in the classroom when it comes to Aboriginal content.

What is this?

This is a funnel and a tool of redirection for all kinds of questions about teaching Aboriginal content in the classroom. In this wiki, you will find resources and possibly even answers to your own questions about teaching Aboriginal content. Whether you are worried about your own biases, whether it matters if there are First Nations students in your classroom or if you are worried about your own level of knowledge of the content. This wiki will hopefully be able to identify your concern and direct you to some resources and some information to help you on your way.

Where and when is this taking place?

The five contributors to this wiki are about to be teachers in Saskatchewan. Not only is this important because of Saskatchewan's Aboriginal Diversity, but also because by the year 2016, it is projected that close to 45% of the children entering Kindergarten in the province will be of Aboriginal ancestry. (Tuharsky, J., Buisson, N., Burns, N., Britton, C., & Enion, G., 2005). As non-Aborignal educators, we must adapt in our instructional strategies to address both students of non-aboriginal ancestry and of non-aboriginal ancestry.

Why did we do this?

Our rationale for making this wiki touches on a few issues that you may find as a teacher in Saskatchewan. In Saskatchewan, it is mandatory to teach Treaty content in the classroom and this may be a daunting task for some teachers. It can be intimidating for a couple different reasons, but whether or not you feel prepared to teach the content, you have to. Teaching Aboriginal content may be contested in your classroom by students, parents or even colleagues and it may seem extremely difficult to teach the content authentically without any of your biases or the biases of your students.

We chose to address these issues by creating this wiki. Not only will it enable us to come together and focus our known resources into solving some of our own problems, but it will also create a space where we can continue to grow in our knowledge of how to authentically teach Aboriginal content in the classroom.

Hopefully this wiki can help you in your teaching as well.

Thank you,

Justin Matheson, Justin Freitag, Olivia Holman, Sheldon Hand and Kirstin Wiebe

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